Holden Youth Soccer Club

Holden Youth Soccer Club

Location: Holden, MA

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Holden Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit organization that offers all children, ages 5 through 18, the opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer. Our Mission is to promote the game of soccer as a means of improving the physical, psychological and social well-being of children while allowing every player an opportunity to play at a level that considers their ability. Our Core Values include sportsmanship, fair play, and to educate: I. our community on the benefits of soccer, II. coaches as the cornerstone of player development, and III. players to develop competence in the sport of soccer.

We strive to create an environment that develops respect, promotes leadership, and instills confidence while making the game of soccer available to all who desire to participate. We aim to be progressive and innovative in program, coach, and player development

Partnered with Mass Youth Soccer and hundreds of volunteers, we work together year-round to provide our players an enriching and rewarding experience.