Javanon Soccer Club

Javanon Soccer Club

Location: Louisville, KY

Website: Click here to view their website

Javanon Soccer Club brings together parents with many different levels of soccer understanding. Experiences can range from those who played soccer in college or beyond, to those with no experience or understanding of one of our country's fastest growing sports.

For those of you who are less informed about the game of soccer, we will provide a section in our web-site devoted to providing a mini-education in the rules of the game and the standards of conduct for players and fans. For those who are new to the game, we strongly believe this will enhance your enjoyment of soccer.

The sport of soccer is growing rapidly in the U.S., and constantly evolving, with new ideas at all levels. As a result, we continue to adjust our own philosophies and policies in the hope that we will better serve the needs of each player and of the Club as a whole. Sometimes the policies of a particular team may vary from those set out here, so look first and foremost to the head coach for direction.


Photo Credit: Javanon Website