Las Vegas Neon Football Club

Las Vegas Neon Football Club

Location: Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas Neon Football Club was founded for the players. In today's climate it's hard to belong to a tradition without paying an arm and a leg. We at Neon believe that you can provide an excellent playing environment with sound player development and still keep the cost of playing a game affordable and enjoyable. LV Neon's coaches aim is to teach each player team spirit, as well as how to manage your school life around competative sports, giving you an oportunity to advance to college and further if you so wish.

Player developement is an integral part of what we want to achieve along with the fun of playing soccer with your friends. An aspect that is forgotten in our drive for success. Every player has different goals and hurdles they need to overcome.  We as a club want to help each and everyone not only meet their goals, but surpass them.

Las Vegas Neon is a family embracing all standards of players with a goal of leaving each and everyone feeling like they belong to something they believe in and enjoy.



Photos courtesy of Las Vegas Neon Facebook